About us

We started our humble beginnings like most other detailers in the industry; motoring enthusiasts who cared for their cars like a loving family member. It is with no shame to admit we began our journey as detailing hobbyists, spending countless hours every weekend in the garage trying different products, chasing every swirl and scratch in search for perfect paintwork. Honing our skills on our cars, then our family and friends’, which then led to friends of friends. What started out as “weekend warriors” quickly turned into a popular side business which steadily grew over the few years.

The passion for detailing fuelled our drive to become bigger and better at what we do. Now, we have our own purpose fit detailing workshop in Port Melbourne catering for all vehicle presentation needs such as window tinting, paintless dent repair and paint protection systems and representing some of the most respected brands in the industry.

We’re now heavily involved with contributing to the detailing community such as Detail Paradise as well as a few other international detailing forums writing guest blogs and holding workshops for budding detailers. We also participate and affiliate with various Melbourne based car clubs as we are true enthusiasts working for enthusiasts and those who seek first class quality and service above all.

As a sponsor of “Westside Cars for a Cause” for the  miracle-babies-logo , 2014.


As a supporter of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, “Celebrate Singapore” event, 2015.

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