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Bon Vivant Quick Detailer is an easy to use wipe on wipe off final inspection product that contains a mix of surfactants and polymers to lift away fine traces of dirt and other impurities safely. Containing a touch of carnauba wax it will boost gloss and slickness for that show car presentation without the headaches of streaking or clouding. Formulated to effectively sheet water away from paintwork, Bon Vivant Quick Detailer is the perfect drying aid after a wash that prevents water spots and streaking from forming. Application: 1. Ensure vehicle is clean (wet or dry) or at most lightly dirty 2. Spray onto microfibre towel a full trigger stroke 3. Gently wipe in product to all hard exterior surfaces, small sections at a time 4. With a new microfibre towel, buff off any residual product until completely dry and streak free.





Bon Vivant Glass Greatness was formulated to be completely window tint safe whilst easy to wipe for a completely streak free finish. The only solution you need to remove smudges, finger prints, traffic film and dirt for crystal clear vision every time on mirrors and glass both inside and out. Glass Greatness works best with a pair of short nap, looped weave microfibre towels. Application: 1. Make sure your hands and two microfibre towels are clean 2. Spray onto microfibre towel a full trigger stroke, don’t soak 3. Wipe in product to remove grime 4. With a new microfibre towel, buff off any residual product until completely dry and streak free.



Bon Vivant Car Shampoo was designed to be a versatile car wash that’s safe for paintwork that have either been waxed, synthetically sealed or coated without altering the properties of the protection. Being pH neutral it will not break down that crucial layer of protection whilst the natural gloss enhancers boosts the aesthetics of the paint after every wash. Highly sudsing, Bon Vivant Car Shampoo can be used in a low pressure or high pressure foam lance as a pre-wash or traditionally in a two bucket wash system. Freshly scented and easy to rinse, Bon Vivant Car Shampoo keeps it clean and simple. Application: 1. Add 50mL of product to every 5 of water in a bucket or 100ml in a foam lance topped with water 2. Mix in product with pressured water to lather up Car Shampoo 3. As a car wash, use a quality microfibre wash mitt to clean one section at a time 4. Rinse thoroughly and repeat for the entire vehicle 5. Dry off vehicle with microfibre drying towel




Bon Vivant Inside Detox is a ready to use interior multi-surface cleaner that’s gentle enough for the finest of materials yet potent enough to lift dirt and stains away safely for an immaculate interior. No bleach or ammonia, Inside Detox is also non-toxic and non-flammable whilst being very pleasant to use as it’s infused with a fruity scent for deodourising properties. Leaving behind a naturally matte finish for a truly showroom finish, Inside Detox eliminates the need for many cleaning products into one simple to use solution. Application: 1. Shake well 2. Lightly mist microfibre with Inside Detox 3. Spread and work in product until surface is clean 4. Wipe off any residue or dampness with a clean microfibre towel




Bon Vivant TYRE GEL

Bon Vivant Tyre Gel is a water based tyre dressing that’s easy to use and can be layered to achieve the level of gloss in finish as desired. A single layer will provide a natural satin finish that’s perfect for darkening tyres. Adding on another layer will increase gloss to suit a sportier look without the risk of slinging back onto your paintwork. The non-tacky gel has UV inhibiting properties that prevent cracking and browning of tyres over time and creates an easy to clean barrier for future washes. Application: 1. Ensure tyres are clean and completely dry 2. Add a large coin-sized drop onto an applicator pad 3. Wipe on product to tyres lightly and small sections at a time 4. Wait for 15 minutes in between additional layers. Add only a thin layer for extra gloss 5. Wait at least 15 minutes before driving to prevent any product slinging onto vehicle.


Bon Vivant TWISTER

Bon Vivant Twister is the latest and most popular new technology drying towel taking Australia by a storm! The twisted pile microfibre towel is able to soak up an immense amount of water with its capillary action like nothing you’ve used before. The 550gsm density draws a balance between great absorbency and the ability to wring out excess water with ease to hang up dry or onto the next vehicle. The 73 x 90 cm large size is practical enough to dry the vehicle quickly without it being cumbersome to manoeuvre around the car. A very durable and effective drying towel, it makes the leather chamois redundant and outperforms other plush microfibres at the drying game with ease. Details: Size: 73 x 90cm Fabric Density: 550gsm Colour: Dark Grey Border: Cloth Blend: 80% Polyester – 20% Polyamide


Bon Vivant BODY MITT

Bon Vivant Body Mitt is a premium quality microfibre wash mitt that holds an incredible amount of shampoo for that safe and scratch-free wash. Made in Korea from twisted microfibre it picks up dirt gently away from your car’s surface. After use it can be easily hand washed or machined washed and hung up to dry ready for next time. An extremely durable wash mitt, it’s going to make car washing an enjoyable past time.



1 x WASH bucket 1 x RINSE bucket 1 x GRIT GUARD


Bon Vivant Detailing Course for Beginners – To be announced.

To secure a place at the next detailing course, please make your 50% deposit of $110 here using PayPal. We will advise 6 days before to confirm if the course proceeds. This is subject to the number of reservations we receive. If you need to cancel/ postpone, you must let us 7 days before the course date. You then have the option of receiving a refund, or putting the deposit towards the next course date. The full price is $220. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds to no-shows as we would’ve ordered catering and material for your reservation. Thank you for your understanding! Once a deposit is left via our website, you will receive an email of confirmation of receipt.


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