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Bon Vivant exists to serve car enthusiasts and discerning individuals. Our boutique workshop caters for all vehicle presentation needs, including car detailing, paint protection ceramic coatings, paint protection films (PPF), window tinting, paintless dent repair, GPS installation, and maintenance car care products. Our industry-leading, trained professionals will visually enhance and protect your vehicle from the elements with the right solution for your needs whether you have a daily driven family mover or an exotic optioned with the finest composites and materials. Sharing the passion for your vehicle means Bon Vivant is the perfect and only choice you need to consider for quality detailing workmanship, service and results.

Comprehensive Car Detailing Packages

We offer several car detailing packages, each more in-depth than the last. Packages range from standard full details to bespoke services comprised of comprehensive, in-depth cleaning and restoration. Our car detailing services are designed to provide the best for your vehicle, delivering the utmost in car care. With regular car detailing from our experienced team, you can expect to get the most out of your car, extending its lifespan and maintaining value. Both new and vintage vehicles can benefit greatly from car detailing. However, every car has different needs and requires a specialised approach to achieve the best results. You can read more about our car detailing packages here or discuss your needs with our team for more information.

Why Choose Bon Vivant

When it comes to car care, Bon Vivant boasts some of the industry's highest standards.

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Skilled & Passionate Team

Our car detailers are passionate about cars and dedicated to achieving flawless results for all jobs we undertake. If you're new to car detailing we can help you work out exactly what you need.

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Authentic, Personalised Care

We take a case by case approach to auto care, tailoring our services to achieve the best possible results. We often build lasting relationships with our clients, allowing us to personalise your services according to your needs.

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Five Star Service

For almost a decade we've been providing our customers with five-star service. We're committed to achieving the best for all our customers. View our reviews here.

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High-Quality Products

All products we use are from leading local and international brands, chosen for their reputation and quality. We never use a product we wouldn't use on our own vehicles.

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Full Insurance and Secure Care

To give you complete peace of mind, all our jobs are covered by full insurance. Additionally, our premises features advanced security systems with the safety of your vehicle as a top priority.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer a complete satisfaction guarantee on all our work. We're confident you love the results, but if you're not, we'll continue working hard until you are.

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With 8 years of satisfied clients behind us, Bon Vivant is Melbourne’s leading name in car detailing and precision paint correction and protection. Situated just 6km from the CBD, our boutique workshop is fitted with the very latest in-car detailing and paint correction technology, allowing us to deliver impressive results we’re confident you won’t get elsewhere. Talk to any of our team members and you’ll find people who are passionate about cars and their work. We’re dedicated to your satisfaction, looking to build lasting relationships with a passion for vehicles at the centre. Discuss your needs with us today.

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