Detailers of Distinction


We cater to vehicle presentation needs such as premium car detailing, paint protection coatings and film, window tinting, paintless dent repair. Also representing some of the most respected brands in the industry like Gtechniq, Trakpro and Covercraft.

There are very few detailers in Melbourne that can pride themselves by being equipped with industry leading tools and best practices to provide clients unparalleled results in car care and aesthetics. As Detailers of Distinction, you can be assured your vehicle will be treated with respect as we take necessary measure such as paint thickness measurements, masking of sensitive trims and surfaces, the right choice of cleaning products designed for a particular surface, etc.

When it comes to paint correction, or more commonly coined as cut and polish generally, we select the highest grades of abrasives in the market to keep in our arsenal as not all paint systems are the same. When dealing with European cars and compared to for example a Japanese manufactured car, compounds and polishes will behave differently due to the amount of flex and hardness in the paint. Machine polishing can yield different results just from the change of a polishing pad so we carry a wide selection of brands such as Rupes, Sonax, Lake Country, Optimum, Meguiars, 3D and many more so that we’re never caught in a situation where results may be compromised.

There are a bevy of protection options you can select from nowadays ranging from traditional carnauba wax, synthetic sealants to much more commonly requested ceramic and inorganic coatings classed under paint protection. Bon Vivant carries and represents one of the widest ranges available by any one detailer so that we can offer you the right product for your needs. We understand that everyone has differing requirements whether that be dictated by a budget or the chase for the finest finish to enter Concours level shows. So to give you the ability to select finishing and protection products based on their characteristics such as price point, hardness, chemical resistance and aesthetics, you can leave that to our recommendation based on our experience and knowledge.

Let us serve you and experience the Bon Vivant lifestyle.

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