Bon Vivant Bespoke Package x PolishAngel® | Mercedes Benz E350 Avantgarde

BVicon Bon Vivant Rejuvenation Services – Bespoke Package with PolishAngel®

We provided our valet service and collected this car from the owner’s beautiful property; a fastidiously maintained example  in Obsidian black with pristine leathers and all original paint.

The car was detailed by an undisclosed outfit in Melbourne which was rather sub-standard considering it still presented heavy scratches, now with machine polishing defects added in. Our brief on this was simple enough to understand, but was actually quite hard to execute when told to “Make it new, like it was in the showroom”.

Minor rim damage was found on two of four wheels (although not captured here) so we would have them properly repaired and repainted. To prevent the most minute colour difference between a newly repaired wheel and the slight patina of the original, all were repaired at the same time.

Before – every door jamb was dirty which we would make a task of perfecting

Before – rubbers around the boot space and jamb

Before – underside of boot lid

Before – removing number plates before we started to ensure behind them would also receive a good cleaning and polish

Before – bonnet gas strut areas were built up with dried dirt and leaves

Before – the engine bay was lightly dirty with traffic film and old grease build up in the joint and latches

Before – calcium build up in crevices of lower front bumper

Before – calipers were looking tired

Before – water staining beneath the dirt from hard water in windscreen wiper tank

Before – boot space was littered with sand and dust

Before – the pristine condition leathers needed a thorough cleaning and treatment to supple up

Moving on to the detailing, we started off with a natural degreaser prior to our pre-wash snow foam as an extra step to ensure old waxes and protectants were stripped so that we achieve optimal results during the paint correction phase.

During – brushwork agitation was given to all intricate areas, trims and crevices with our natural non-caustic degreaser

Once we washed and decontaminated the body, it was inspected under lights to assess the true condition so that we could trial different combinations of compound, pad and machine to rectify the paintwork

As the body was heavily contaminated, we opted with the more aggressive clay towel to remove the remaining organic contaminants. This left some superficial marring which was light in nature and easy to correct.

We had to use a multitude of different tools, compounds and polishes to work with the natural curves of the bonnet design.

After an initial pass of correcting the paintwork, we were able to reveal a clean layer of metallic flecks previously hidden beneath the defects. This would be refined to enhance gloss and deepen the hue of black


After initial compounding step

Before – the top edge of the bonnet

After – one stage of compounding to correct the defects

The entire car was painstakingly done in small sections no larger than a foot square to ensure the highest level of correction was achieved

Headlights had a slight tinge of cloudiness from oxidisation so were all wet sanded, compounded and polished to a high gloss

Whilst the wheels were off and being refurbished, we took the opportunity to do a complete wheel arch and undercarriage detail

Using various grades of degreasers, cleaners and brushes, we agitated every corner of the arch and suspension

Steam was used to neutralise the degreasers and break down dirt


Before – the nuts on the brake calipers were rusted so were brushed and hand painted for cosmetic improvement


The wheel nuts looked bad also, so we wire brushed then repainted them in silver to keep them looking like factory specification


After – all wheels were now refurbished, cured and looking brand new again

As everything in the wheel department were attended to, the centre caps would’ve been the weakest link, so we ordered a full set of original caps to replace the old tarnished set

Remounting the wheels, nuts and finally finishing off with the centre caps felt like a very special moment as the effort was rather extensive

This now allowed us to refocus back on the body work and also let us to move the car around as required. Following the first stage of correction which unveiled some clarity back in the paintwork to further identify defects, we found 7 mild dents which would receive paintless dent repair to make every panel perfect.

The rear windscreen suffered from stubborn water-spotting and roughness from contamination, so we polished it to set a foundation for applying Polishangel Rain 9H glass sealant for hydrophobic water repellence

The grill was hand polished to gloss the black plastic and remove some water spot stains

the roof rack mounts were all cleaned by hand using compressed air, cleaners, ear buds and microfibre towels

Before – every crevice and panel joint were hand polished and cleaned as extra gloss would be found from these edges where light bounces off considerably

After – what high end detailing is all about; the finer details

We took out the boot carpet floor to brush, vacuum and extract the sand and dirt

Every floor mat received the same treatment



After – extraction liquid from four dirty mats

Whilst the boot floor was out, we even took off the spare wheel to vacuum and wipe within the well, compartments and battery

After – The spare wheel was also dressed in Polishangel Honey

We missed documenting of the interior detail which included a lot of steam and brushwork. Here are the pedals being cleaned with a light natural degreaser without any dressing for safety

Metal surfaces were hand polished with extra fine grade steel wool and Polishangel Palladium

Number plates were lightly hand polished to remove grime and whiten the reflective areas

Engine bay was thoroughly detailed including the underside of the bonnet, finished off with air drying to dislodge sitting water

The choice of protection for this car was none other than Polishangel Invincible Primer followed by two layers Polishangel Cosmic 9H coating

Invincible applied at low speeds by dual action polishing machine has light abrasives to clean final traces of imperfections as well as laying a bonding foundation for its matching coating, Cosmic 9H.

Once left to cure and remove, Invincible reveals a liquid pool of paint, enhancing the metallic and giving depth to the colour

Given time to set as specified by manufacturer, we then proceeded with applying on the coating

Every Cosmic 9H coating bottle is presented in its own individual box with an envelope of serial number matching to the bottle for authenticity and quality control

Applying on Cosmic by hand is one of the most therapeutic things a detailer can do, the product glides effortlessly like a soft show wax

Left to bond on top of Invincible Primer, we then went around to finish off the other details around the car to come back and take it off once ready

Once set, removing the excess coating revealed a finish better than a car on any showroom floor

As a second layer was going to be applied, we weren’t phased by the light haze as it would allow the second layer to bond before the same process of being buffed to a high shine


On the final day we went through our final inspections and ensured we delivered the car to some of the highest standards one can expect from a boutique detailing workshop

The TV screens were cleaned along with all controls

Rails were degreased, cleaned and regreased

Mats were put back into place

After – storage pouches behind the front seats were emptied of rubbish, blown out and vacuumed

Completed – Interior of a future classic looking better than most cars a fraction its age

Leathers were now presented in a natural matte finish with all creases completely clean

After – wood grains were hand polished with light paintwork polish to remove light scuffs and enhance gloss

Every jamb was lightly dressed to re-nourish rubbers

After – Boot space rubber surround

After – boot lid plastics

After – petrol cap

After – the engine bay would almost be at Concours presentation level

After – the pan of the engine bay which usually collects oil and grease now completely clean

After – deep down in the engine bay next to the various belts

Completed pics – Unfortunately no sun the day it was collected, but still a transformation nonetheless. The client jokingly said he was now too scared to even drive the car!

This was one detail which we’re very proud to have produced as it allowed us to do the level of work we can showcase our strengths in high end detailing whilst exploring limits and having a great client who gave us the creativity and freedom to do it. We enjoy challenging ourselves and taking detailing to the next level as industry specialists.