Paint Protection

The evolution of ways to protect vehicle paint from fading, dulling and staining has significantly improved over the years. Paint protection is critical.


Traditionally, people are familiar with car wax which typically is made by Brazilian plants referred to as carnauba wax. Being organic in nature waxes provides a sensational glow to the finish of paintwork but breaks down quickly in an open environment and realistically offers very little protection and focuses more on looks.

To address the short term durability of natural waxes, chemists and car care manufacturers developed synthetic sealants which offer considerably longer durability as they are now formulated in a lab to structurally enhance the level of protection.

The iteration of paint protection over the years has seen specialist brands create products much finer in molecular structure and thus being able organise themselves in the pores of paint creating a stronger bond and prevents the penetration of contamination.

We are authorised installers for some of the market’s leading brands in inorganic coating systems. Trained to prepare your vehicle in a meticulous manner ensuring an optimal install, these coatings will:

  • Increase resistance to fine swirls and marring inflicted during washing and drying
  • Increase resistance to UVA and UVB rays from oxidising paint
  • Increase resistance to ferrous contamination such as brake dust and railway rust from bonding
  • Increase organic contamination such as animal droppings, tar, pollen spores and sap from staining and discolouring the paint
  • Keep your vehicle looking cleaner for longer
  • Make the cleaning process quicker and safer
  • Promote a better car resale value as the condition will be relatively better compared to other cars of the same age