Modesta P-01A & BC-05 | Aston Martin DB9 Volante

September 19, 2014

This beautiful DB9 Volante came to us for an entire detail and protection both inside and out. After lengthy consultation discussing every aspect of the car, the client knew exactly what he wanted by the end choosing Modesta as coating protection and requested for Swissvax products even though it’s not part of our usual offering. That said, a few phone calls later, orders made and we got our hands on Swissvax Lotos for fabric protection, Swissvax Milk for leather nourishment and Swissvax Crystal Rock as icing on the cake for the paintwork.

As it was presented, you first can’t help but fall in love with the timeless lines of an Aston with its proportions elegantly penned but at the same time hiding a brutal demeanour with its 6.0 litre V12 engine producing 450 hp and 569 Nm of torque.

Aston Martin Modesta

Before – the engine bay was only lightly dusty which would be cleaned via steam opposed to using chemicals, degreasers and pressure wash.

Aston Martin DB9 engine bay

We started off with the wheels by decontaminating with TAC Systems Iron Zero as they were heavily soiled

Aston Martin Modesta wheel decontamination

Agitating each wheel with various brushes to get the best coverage and work in the product

cleaning Aston Martin wheels

Moving on to the pre-wash to strip any existing waxes on the car as well as cleaning out the wheel barrels too.

Aston Martin snow foam pre-wash

Giving all intricate areas such as badges, grills, sills and petrol cap some brushwork to loosen stubborn build-up of polish residue and dirt

Aston Martin brushwork

Rinsing the car down, and before washing, the amount of swirls and scratches were rather severe after we stripped all the protection masking up the damage

Aston Martin swirls

Once it was safely washed with the two bucket method, it was brought in, dried and inspected. Plenty of polish residue trapped within sensors, door handles and petrol cap which would be cleaned up at the end as part of the finishing touches and final inspection.

Aston Martin bumper

Under the workshop bay lights, we saw this was going to be a long detail considering this was hard factory paint we’re dealing with mixed with deep random isolated scratches and swirl marks.

Aston Martin before paint correction

The first test panel to gauge which combinations of machine, pad and polishing compounds would give us the best results. This is a comparison shot with our test on the right. Once happy with our choices of equipment we proceeded with the remainder of the car

Aston Martin before and after

Before – the seemingly mile long hood

Aston Martin before paint correction bonnet

After – The initial compounding stage

Aston Martin after paint correction bonnet

The headlights were also swirled and oxidised at the top which was later on restored

Before – plenty of scratches concentrated on and around the flush designed door handles. Residue left over from the previous detailer within the handle gaps and key hole.

Aston Martin door before paint correction swirls

Aston Martin door before compounding swirls

Before – side skirts scuffed from getting in and out

Aston Martin side skirt before paint correction swirls


Aston Martin door before polishing scratches

Whilst the concentration of paint correction taking place, we couldn’t take many progress shots as so many hours were invested in doing the actual work. Especially when using a rotary there isn’t much room for error.

Moving on to the interior, it was given a steam treatment to supple the leather as well as killing bacteria.

50/50 shot – top half of the seat steam cleaned bringing back a natural matte finish to the leather

50/50 shot – left side of the door card steamed

50/50 shot – right side of the steering wheel steamed

50/50 shot – right side of the centre arm rest steamed

Once the interior was cleaned, all leather including dash, door cards and seats were treated with Swissvax Milk for a nourishing and natural sheen

OEM factory touch up was ordered directly from Aston Martin UK and couriered over as Onyx Black wasn’t available from the local dealership

Both wiper arm rivets were rusting so was de-rusted and touched up with matte black paint

After – Freshly applied which looks blue, but blends in to black once dried

More touch up’s

Completed – brushed, vacuumed and treated with Swissvax Lotos

The carpets under the boot lid were given the same treatment.

Polish residue were steamed and removed with Q-tips

Completed – Modesta P-01A and BC-05 laid on, cured overnight and Swissvax Crystal Rock applied.

No camera tricks, no extra lighting, just pure reflections

Worth to note the unique modification the owner has done, changing the transmission buttons from plastic to glass and all halogen bulbs to LED

Some souvenirs to take home

Engine was left undressed for the most natural look

The underside of the hood was hand polished for some extra gloss with an all-in-one product

The plaque proudly mounted in the centre of the engine bay

Before laying on a few layers of Lotus, the roof was lint rolled

Testing out Lotos fabric protection. One of the best we’ve ever used.

Finally, some quick shots in the sun as the car was picked up by the client

The metallic flecks showing off marvellously in the afternoon sun