Modesta P-01A & BC-05 | Holden VE SV6

August 5, 2014

We had a Holden Commodore VE SV6 Z Series booked in for a single stage paint correction, Modesta P-01A and BC-05 liquid glass coating applied to the paintwork.
Being a late model and well looked after, there were minor swirls which were easily taken care with by our various polishing machines. It was given a s now foam pre-wash to break down any existing waxes, washed and decontaminated with a chemical bath and clay bar treatment.

Holden SV6 undergoing snow foam pre-wash

Holden SV6 snow foam dweling

Our first test spot (left) to ensure we get the results we want before proceeding with the remainder of the car.

before and after paint correction on Holden SV6

Before – you can see the slight blurry trails from where the lights are reflecting. These are minor scratches which rob reflections and gloss.

marring and buffer trails on Holden SV6


Holden SV6 paintwork fixed up

Before – left rear guard

Before photo of Holden SV6 with swirls


swirl marks removed on Holden SV6


scratches on grey Holden SV6


scratches removed on Holden SV6 through paint correction

Protection weapon of choice by the customer

Modesta paint protection going on Holden SV6

Completed photos as both primer and coating are laid down and left to cure over night.

Modesta BC-05 applied on Holden SV6

Modesta paint protection applied on Holden SV6

Outside on a Melbourne winter overcast day

reflections of Modesta coating on Holden SV6

Bonnet reflection of Modesta coating on Holden SV6

Holden SV6 coated with Modesta paint protection

liquid wet reflections on Holden SV6 wearing Modesta coating

Holden SV6 VE protected with Modesta paint protection

Holden SV6 wheels cleaned through all the way back of the barrel

Holden SV6 Z series badge with Modesta coating applied

Holden SV6 wheels cleaned thoroughly

Holden SV6 Potenza tyres dressed by Bon Vivant

Holden SV6 detailed by Bon Vivant Automotive Care

Holden SV6 coated by Bon Vivant detailers

Modesta paint protection on Holden SV6 applied by Bon Vivant