Bon Vivant Premier Package detailing | Mercedes Benz C320

Bon Vivant Premier Package | Mercedes Benz C320

An overdue self-indulgence for this diamond in the rough C320 sedan. We knew that underneath the heavy film of grime built up over the years would reveal a stunning example. Competing life priorities meant that the Mercedes took the back seat until now.

As the perfect candidate for our Premier Package car detailing service, our first task at our Williamstown based workshop was to strip back the grime that’s caked in the crevices and details of the car. A strong pre-wash to soften traffic film before washing by hand with ph-neutral car wash soap was given to the future classic. A two stage paintwork decontamination firstly chemically and then mechanically lifted off bonded grime such as tar, iron fallout from brakes, tree sap and pollen spores to ensure the most effective paint correction results.

A safe hand wash and focusing on all jambs was carried out and microfibre towel dried before being brought in and inspected under our work lights and paint measurements taken for the best way forward suited specifically to this car. A multi-stage correction to minimise visual defects and then machine polished to amplify gloss levels and reflections was carried out, a signature to our name, before giving the C320 a liberal application on synthetic sealant for up to 6 months of protection.

As a service upgrade we removed the wheels to clean and decontaminate the inside thoroughly before remounting and dressed the tyres with a quality water based dressing. The leather seats were shampoo cleaned and all trims inside the cabin were detailed. The clock has been rewinded on this beauty to its former glory and ready to serve the family for many more years.

Do you have a car that’s also been unloved for a few years? We have a few different packages to accommodate to different conditions and budgets. Detailing is an art mixed with science which many detailers get wrong because their proficiency with understanding paintwork, tools of the trade and chemicals. At Bon Vivant we are trained professionals who understand how to confidently operate at the highest level to give you the results you see here. Call us on (03) 9681 9770 to discuss how we can help with your vehicle presentation needs.

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