Bon Vivant car detailing in Melbourne | Subaru Liberty GT Spec

This special edition Liberty GT came to us for an honest tidy up as we enhanced the paintwork with a single stage correction to minimise swirls and water spots. Leather surfaces were deeply cleaned by brush and pH neutral cleaners, engine bay detailed, paintless dent removal on the driver’s door and exterior protected with a synthetic sealant.

It’s to note that we did not use any filling glazes on the paintwork and the completed photos you see are true to the improvements made, not hiding imperfections which would only reveal themselves in several weeks. This is the difference between a high quality professional service opposed to the cheaper and not so cheerful express style cut and polish you’d typically find at the local shopping centre.

A much fresher looking car and one highly desirable to enthusiasts, this Liberty Spec.B R is one that will now get noticed by others and enjoyed by the owner.

Bon Vivant has been known first and foremost for our car detailing services and revered by Melbourne car owners and enthusiasts as a fellow car lover. That’s was we take tremendous pride in what we do and show our clients what true detailing can do to a vehicle.

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