Bon Vivant, Melbourne Paint Protection specialists | Opti-Coat Pro+ | Ford Mustang GT

This unapologetic Mustang GT in Triple Yellow came to us for Opti-Coat Pro+ installation on both its paintwork and wheels after being referred by a number of other Pony owners.

We prepared the car with a two stage paint decontamination which consists firstly of a chemical decontamination to break down ferrous particulates then followed by a mild clay bar treatment. A multi-stage paint correction to ensure the Mustang is as bold and sharp it could be before installing the coating base layer and two coats of top layer Pro+ for extra gloss and slickness. As with most other Mustang’s before it, there were a few sanding marks for us to fix but we’ve found a systematic approach to ensure they’re rectified safely after working on so many. American paint differs from Japanese and European paint in terms of hardness, thickness and ability to rectify surface defects.

The results yielded a now more head turning, neck cracking individual with its custom headlights, custom gear knob and rear end mods. Protected from the elements causing bright cars to fade and staining, the Mustang will be thoroughly enjoyed with other club members and on its own on those perfect drive days.

Don’t let your car fall victim to Australia’s harsh UV conditions and get oxidised, have it protected with a quality and respected coating that will help keep it looking vibrant and lustrous.


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