Bon Vivant Paint Protection Coating | Gtechniq | Mercedes Benz C63S AMG Coupe

Bon Vivant Paint Protection Coating | Gtechniq | Mercedes Benz C63S

A truly stunning car from all angles, the C63S coupe in Diamond White would put a smile on anyone’s face, from admiring its curves to reading through the spec sheet, the car just oozes class and performance.

We put the AMG through our new car prep to have it ready for Gtechniq Crystal Serum coating topped with Gtechniq Exo. Prior to that, although in almost perfect condition, the gloss and clarity of the paint suffered from what’s described as a dry finish not being able to reflect well. So to address this it was given a heavy correction to expose that beautiful metallic fleck in the paint and give those reflections more definition by reducing that dryness without having to resort to wet sanding OEM paint. Refining with various grades of fine abrasives, we finally reached a balancing point of achieving a better than factory finish without compromising the structural integrity of the paint by levelling down excessively. The wheels were removed for full wheel coating also with Crystal Serum as were the lustrous red calipers as a means of colour locking them from fade and staining due to any heavy cleaners, Remounted to factory specs, we finished off with ensuring every detail around the car was addressed including polishing the chrome finished keys as requested by the owner. Certainly a great looking sports car which can dress the part of elegant tourer at any given time, we’re glad to have been able to help improve and protect its appearance for the many years to come.


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