Bon Vivant Paint Protection Coating | Modesta P-01A & Paul Dalton’s Private Label | BMW M2

One of the hottest releases this year in one of the coolest colours, this BMW M2 in Long Beach Blue came to Bon Vivant to have its paintwork protected with Modesta’s premier coating, Paul Dalton’s Private Label.

Transforming the beast into a car more immaculate than the day it was delivered at the dealership, we primed the M2 with Modesta P-01A and left to set to specification. The two part coating is then applied and cured by infra-red lamps to reach maximum hardness and aesthetics.

Wheels were removed, cleaned, and completely coated as with the massive calipers and all carbon fibre additions. This M2 is now bridged from a new car to a lustrous and vibrant track warrior with grace for daily road duties.

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