Bon Vivant Paint Protection Coating | Modesta P-01A & Paul Dalton’s Private Label | Gtechniq Interior |McLaren 570S


That’s one word that can be aptly responded with when you see a McLaren in the flesh. So you can imagine our pleasure being able to work on this 570S which is powered by a 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 producing 419kW and singing an exhaust note with brute and conviction.

We were tasked with protecting the supercar completely both inside and out. The paintwork was given a multi-stage correction to eliminate signs of poor polishing and final polished with Modesta P-01A which is also a priming bonding agent to its matching coating. The 570S was then treated to clear paint protection film, Xpel Ultimate, on the front end to prevent stone chips from track days and freeway commutes.

Once installed we applied our flagship coating, Modesta Paul Dalton’s Private Label, which is arguably the world’s most exlusive and finest coating system. Less than a dozen nation-wide has had the privilege of receiving this coating system which exudes an undeniable glow.

The wheels were coated with Modesta BC-05 making them easier to clean and prevent brake dust and dirt from bonding.

The alcantara ladened interior was treated with Gtechniq Smart Fabric to repel dirt and liquids from spoiling the understated and simply beautiful cockpit.

The finished product is a supercar now better presented than when first inspected at the showroom. We were thrilled with the results, but more importantly so was our client.

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