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Bon Vivant Paint Protection Coating | Opti-Coat Pro+ | QX70

A bit like politics, sometimes things in theory may seem perfect but when applied to the real world that can be far from the case.

Welcome to Scratch Shield technology, the self-healing paint system by Infiniti found on their higher end models. Through heat application, the active resin is supposed to repair itself from fine scratches, but once tipped over its self-healing capabilities it takes on a new form and becomes incredibly difficult to correct away blemishes in the paint.

This is a prime example of the flawed technology for detailers, and being solid black meant it was a monster of a project to undertake. Even with a multi-stage correction, we managed to rectify the QX70 to a very high degree, but not perfect as the SUV was too far damaged in some areas. Once corrected, we finished up by coating the QX70 with Opti-Coat Pro+ ceramic coating to slow down the rate of damage through oxidation, stains and minor scratches over time. The client was ecstatic with the transformation and that’s what matters to us.

Lessons were learnt and significant experience was chalked up, but to be very honest, this is one make and model we wouldn’t be fussed if we don’t see for a while 😛

Don’t risk having an unknown outfit work on your black car, have someone trusted to ensure it’s done right the first time around. At Bon Vivant, we are fully insured and professionally trained technicians who are passionate about cars. Call us on (03) 9681 9770 for more information about our paint correction and paint protection services.

The Bon Vivant team.


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