Bon Vivant Paint Protection Melbourne | Opti-Coat Pro+ | Jaguar XE 2.5t

Bon Vivant Paint Protection Coating | Opti-Coat Pro+ | Jaguar XE 2.5t

Another sensational Jaguar XE has graced our workshop for its new car paint protective coating service.

This time we had the gracious feline treated with Opti-Coat Pro+ for cost effective, long term ceramic protection against the elements after we intensively fixed up dealership pre-delivery bungles, again. Heavy holograms or otherwise known as buffer trails riddled the lower half of the entire car which lead us to conclude it was a means of trying to remove stubborn tar and other road grime or deeper scratches. A multi-stage correction cleaned up these defects for a better than showroom finish. This meant a finish that is now glossier, deeper, wetter and clearer than it was before. We aim to minimise visual imperfections as best we can but of course constantly keep in mind not to compromise the structure of the paintwork by excessively levelling down the paint; a key indicator of a detailing professional who understands paint and paint correction.

Upon their arrival once completed our clients both noticed the clarity of the metallic flecks which was completely muted before. Happily parting ways, we were very pleased to have helped deliver a new car as it should’ve been from the dealership.

At Bon Vivant, we strive to give you that new car feeling that you may’ve missed out due to poor workmanship of lack of pride from the pre-delivery team. Let us demonstrate what we’re renowned for, call us on (03) 9681 9770 to book in your car.

See how this other beast turned out after Opti-Coat Pro+ applied.

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