Bon Vivant Paint Protection Melbourne | Opti-Coat Pro+ | Gtechniq Interior protection| Lexus NX200t

Bon Vivant Paint Protection Coating | Opti-Coat Pro+ x Gtechniq® Interior Protection | Lexus NX200t

A splendidly designed SUV sure to stand out from the crowd with its angles, we protected this new NX200t on both the inside and outside.

The exterior treated to ceramic Opti-Coat Pro+ after machine polishing to amplify gloss levels and clarity, we ensured it was completed to a better than new condition as with the wheels which were entirely coated to suit. With the use of top shelf polishing abrasives and random orbital machine polishers, we can proudly stand behind our work as one of Melbourne’s finest detailing and protection workshop.

The interior cabin space was treated with Gtechniq I1 Smart Fabric and L1 Leather Guard to prevent stubborn stains and liquids from ruining the stunning cockpit leaving no visual trace that it’s been touched. After a lengthy but well worth three day turn around, our client was very pleased with the outcome and now has the confidence of washing and drying his new car safely after our advice during handover. Without this knowledge, people often mistake that coatings are a set and forget product but in fact should still be taken care of like having your car serviced; regularly with quality products maintains a healthy car.

Have a look through the photos to see the extent of our new car paint and interior protection work. Book yourself in with the form below. Let us know of your vehicle details and date preferences and we’ll contact you as soon as we can.

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