Bon Vivant Paint Protection Melbourne | Opti-Coat Pro+ | Mercedes Benz GLA 250

Bon Vivant Paint Protection Coating | Opti-Coat Pro+ | Mercedes Benz GLA 250

A freshly delivered Mercedes Benz GLA250 in metallic white was booked in for our new car paint and wheel protective coating service.

Opti-Coat Pro+ was the chosen product after we washed, decontaminated, polished and alcohol wiped the car.

There was one large sanding mark on the front guard which we rectified as it seemed to have been missed by the dealership, but after our various treatments the GLA250 is now in a better than showroom condition. People often believe that brand new cars ALWAYS comes in a brand new condition, but that can be far from the truth. As all cars in Australia are going to be imported in the near future, it can be common for new cars to be sitting at ports and docks for weeks if not months at a time. They are exposed to the elements and can be washed up to a dozen times if not more to keep droppings, rain water, dirt and dust off the car. If there’s any imperfections someone is tasked with fixing them prior to delivery, but results aren’t always prefect as you can clearly see in our photo album below.

Have our team at Bon Vivant inspect your new car and advise on what can sometimes be needed over the norm to have your pride and joy looking the way it should before being coated with paint protection.

Write to us to book in a free assessment with the form at the bottom of this page.


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