Bon Vivant Premier Package | PolishAngel 2013 Upgrade | Mercedes Benz SL350

Bon Vivant Premier Package | Mercedes Benz

If we all had the privilege of owning a weekender, a drop top European would top the list, and what better example than this SL 350.

Overall one of the tidiest examples around, we were tasked with enhancing this stunning example to the next level. This involved correcting the paintwork to a flawless degree and paying attention to all the finer details.

The client upgraded the choice of wax to Polishangel 2013 limited edition, which is a hand poured, 70% by volume white carnauba for show winning shine.

The interior was cleaned and dressed to a natural matte finish and so was the engine bay.

Now ready for Spring and weather to brighten up, this SL350 will be gladly enjoyed for many years to come by the owner.

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