Bon Vivant Premier Package | Rolls Royce Ghost detailed and coated

Bon Vivant Premier Package | Rolls Royce Ghost

Dealing with luxury at its finest, a good client of ours has returned for the third time with his recently acquired Rolls Royce Ghost in bespoke two tone matte Cassiopeia Silver and metallic grey.

It was a challenge to improve on such a marvellous piece of artistry from factory as each vehicle spends months with the finest craftsmen during the manufacturing process. Of course, we were able to identify minor imperfections during its first hand ownership which we either corrected, cleaned or protected. Both the exterior and interior were coated for long term protection benefits, as well as aesthetically improve the respective materials we detailed.

A hugely satisfying project for our team as we worked on one of the most prestigious and respected brands in the world whilst further building our relationship with a loyal and trusting client.

Once we finished the hard work, me made sure we made some time to soak in opulence and details of the Ghost, studying everything to its 6.6 litre V12 twin turbo engine to all the finest exotic materials found in the cabin space. A nice and luxurious detail were the umbrellas discreetly tucked away in the door to ensure the VIP occupant stays dry leaving the super saloon on those rainy days.

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