Bon Vivant Paint Protection Coating | Opti-Coat Pro+ | Gtechniq Interior | Audi A4 B9

The all-new model Audi A4 designated appropriately as the B9 following the outgoing model, B8, came to us for a complete interior and exterior protection.

Albeit dirty upon arrival, the condition once cleaned up showed some random deeper scratches but overall very good. We gave the A4 a single stage machine polish to enhance gloss levels and promote better bonding for the coating. Troubled areas were spot corrected to keep costs in check for our client rather than having the whole vehicle receive a full correction which would be unnecessary and seeing minor gains in clarity and rectification.

The outside was treated with Opti-Coat Pro+ which comes with a seven year manufacturer warranty against staining and etching from environmental elements. As the only coating in Australia that has been submitted for CSIRO testing and rating, our client got peace of mind having a leading product installed by a reputable detailer.

The interior was cladded with luxurious but difficult to manage alcantara on main inserts together with fabric and leather. treated with Gtechniq® Smart Fabric and L1 respectively to prevent the soaking of stains and liquids, the combination offered and anti-microbial agent to kill off bacteria and prevent it from nesting within the cabin space.

Sharper in finish and slicker in feel, the A4 sedan is now a shining example of what black cars could look like when detailed properly and protected with a high quality ceramic coating.

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