Bon Vivant Paint Protection Melbourne | Opti-Coat Pro+ | Ford Mustang GT

One of the most highly anticipated cars this year, the Ford Mustang GT, came to us for the Opti-Coat Pro+ ceramic coating installation.

The owner opted for our Bon Vivant level of Preparation and Installation, consisting of a multi-stage paint correction to address a number of factory inflicted sanding marks not removed on the production line or dealership pre-delivery. To break this terminology down, the Mustang suffered from paintwork surface imperfections which we had to rectify by machine polishing. Often referred to “cut and polish”, paint correction advances by selecting a tailored range of abrasives, machines and polishing pads that would yield the best and safest results for the car at hand.

Once the correction was done, we finished off the GT model with two layers of Pro+ on the paintwork and coated the wheel faces also to make them easier to maintain. All sanding marks were successfully eliminated and a finish much sharper and deeper than when it was at the showroom. Now the owner can enjoy the car completely and have peace of mind that this iconic Pony will be looking fantastic for years to come.

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