Bon Vivant Paint Protection Coating | Modesta P-01A & BC-05 | Nissan Skyline GTR V-SpecII

Modesta P-01A & BC-05 | Nissan GTR V-Spec II

The undisputed King of JDM hi-performance, the Nissan Skyline GTR has legendary status and respect for its raw and precision driving performance.

This Bayside Blue model is even more sought after being a V-spec II edition which has increased stiffness in the suspension, larger rear brake rotors, carbon fibre hood, updated interior and aluminium pedals amongst other improvements. Our client imported this gem only recently, and one of the first things on his list was have us visually improve it and protect it with Japan’s finest and most exclusive paintwork coating system, Modesta.

This GTR was an exceptional challenge as the paintwork, being fair in condition, was ultra thin. Measuring on average only 70 microns thick and as low as 50 microns in some areas – one wrong move would mean instant disaster for the inexperienced. For reference, a piece of paper is approximately 100 microns thick.

We removed the rear spoiler for complete access to the boot lid and this allowed us to also polish the underside of the spoiler as well as clean embedded grime around the spoiler base.Two shallow dents on the left guards were removed for a flawlessly straight bodyline and not obstruct reflections.

Front windows were tinted with 35% VLT, darkest legal, and rear windows were tinted a shade darker for aesthetics. Some old tarnished stickers on the side-quarter windows were removed for a cleaner look, and some hard residue in the windscreen was also removed for clarity.

The paint was corrected with Modesta’s C-02 fine compound with various pads and machines, then finished off with Modesta P-01A resin primer polish. The protection of choice was Modesta BC-05 for extreme candy-gloss, thick and clear in reflections. Cured by infra-red lamps, the product encases the car with a thick layer glass coating to prevent fading and and fall-out from failing the paint.

Interior surfaces were cleaned and dressed with Polishangel products, as with the exhaust tips.

Smaller details such as grime around badge-work, panel gaps and jambs were cleaned with a variety of tools and products to complete the project.

Over 30 hours of work went in to this Skyline, but well worth the effort as with any good investment it will pay off in future as it’s now in a highly desirable condition.

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