Bon Vivant Paint Protection Coating | Modesta P-01A & BC-05 | Aston Martin Vantage

This beautiful Vantage came to us as a recent purchase from our client.


Having heard and seen great things about Modesta, he signed up to our Bon Vivant Level of Preparation consisting of a multi-stage paintwork correction due to some deeper imperfections such as sanding marks, cloudiness and heavy swirls from various repairs and resprays before his ownership.

The interior was given a steam cleaning treatment to supple the leathers and remove oils and sweat.

We finished the exterior with P-01A resin primer polish and coupled it with BC-05 coating for that clear candy gloss its so famously known for.

The Aston came back to us for a second round recently to coat new sideskirts, front spolier and rear diffuser for some subtle styling changes as well as interior detail following time in the workshop for new manual gear knob.

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