Bon Vivant Paint Protection Coating | Opti-Coat Pro+ | Ford Falcon XR8 Ute

Opti-Coat Pro+ | Ford Falcon XR8 Ute

“This isn’t a Ferrari, but it’s my Ferrari”.

A quote from the owner of this sensationally kept Ford XR8. To describe it as mint when it arrived to us is accurate, but we knew how to take it to the next level as we planned to touch up a few stone chips, paintless dent repaired the bonnet, coat all glass, correct the paintwork and finish off with Opti-Coat Pro+ on both paint and wheels.

There was a heavy layer of overspray on the car due to the business that he operated, but with a fine clay bar treatment we were able to safely lift off the contamination.

It may have looked like a straight forward project, but to hit the mark for a fastidious client is something we’re proud to have achieved.