Opti-Coat Pro ceramic paint protection in Melbourne | Lexus CT200h Hybrid

Opti-Coat Pro Paint Protection Coating: Bon Vivant Level of Installation & Application.

We had this new Lexus CT200h hybrid hatchback booked in for Opti-Coat Pro application. Knowing that it was a solid black car, we knew there would be some minor correction at the very least was needed as this of all colours is the most unforgiving for showing up scratches and other imperfections.

Once washed and decontaminated with new mild clay bars, it was evident that this car wasn’t going to be straight forward, at all! There was polish residue lodged in most crevices and scratches of every type can be found of varying degree. What was supposed to be a new car protection ended up as a two day, three stage paint correction.As this was a big task at hand, we only had time to capture some before and after’s inside our workshop.

In our humble opinion, solid black paint is the hardest colour to get right and maintain, but when it is spot on there is no other which can match it for reflections, depth and gloss. This one was very rewarding to work on, and even though it took much longer than expected, the results were rather impressive.

Don’t let your car get into this state by the wrong hands, call us on (03) 9681 9770 to book in with Bon Vivant and ensure it’s done right the first time around. We are detailers of distinction.


Lexus CT200h scratches

Lexus CT200h polish residue

new Lexus CT200h scratches

heavy scratches on Lexus CT200h before polishing

swirl marks on black Lexus CT200h

swirl marks on black Lexus CT200h before polishing

holograms on black Lexus CT200h


Lexus CT200h after paint correction

Lexus CT200h reflection

Lexus CT200h after paint correction and Opti-Coat

Lexus CT200h after paint correction and coating

Lexus CT200h bonnet reflection

paint protection on black Lexus CT200h