Bon Vivant Paint Protection Melbourne | Opti-Coat Pro+ | Hyundai Sonata

This client drove his new Sonata straight from the dealership to our workshop for its Opti-Coat Pro+ installation on the paintwork.

Within the base retail installation package, we decontaminate the paintwork to ensure a clinically clean surface. Even when a car is perfectly brand new, from the time it was manufactured to the time you receive it could be a lead time of a few months. If it was imported, and in the near future all cars in Australia will be imported, there could be a risk of ferrous contamination settling on your from the dew as it sits on the ship to patiently get here. An iron remover will help break this down as well as organic elements like tar and sap from sitting outside awaiting compliance and transport.

We then follow up with a light machine polishing session to enhance and amplify gloss levels, reduce any minor scratches and mechanically deep clean the paint before coating; this is why our paint protection is geared to last the test of time opposed to some cheaper franchises and dealerships not taking similar steps.

If you’re planning to buy a new car, contact us for more details on our available paint protection packages and solutions. Not every every will be driven and owned the same way so it is wise to understand the possible types of paint protection that’s out there and why we choose to be Opti-Coat Pro+ installers. See what others in Melbourne are doing with their cars by following us on Instagram.

The Bon Vivant team