XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film | BMW M4

Bon Vivant Automotive Care XPEL Ultimate BMW M4

Having already had a coating installed by the dealership, our task was to further protect it with paint protection film (PPF) for those exhilarating track and club days. The film has self-healing capabilities to prevent unsightly swirl marks and signs of wear.

The client selected the full front end kit covering the front bumper, guards, headlights, mirrors and bonnet. Additionally, door cups, door edges and top of the rear bumper was also wrapped as they’re the typical high impact areas of any car, so wise to do them too.

With 10 years warranty, XPEL Ultimate is top of its class in form and function. Can you tell it’s on?


Check out how this Volvo XC90 turned out after getting XPEL done.

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