“Want the benchmark in customer service? Care about a quality finish and attention to detail? Don’t want to trust your pride and joy to any old company? Solved, solved, solved. Anthony did an amazing job with my car and it was an absolute pleasure to collect it upon completion!

Between the constant contact and friendly conversations about product choice, expectations, and even price, Anthony delivered.

The small gestures aren’t skipped either! When was the last time you got chocolate, water and your receipt in a personal envelope?”

Matt W.

“You have done a fantastic job Anthony. Keep up the great work!”

Anthony S.

“I’ve recently had my car coated with Modesta by Anthony and it has really made the car shine. My previous car used to be black as well and I dare say that it has reduced my washing time by half. Not needing to wax it afterwards yet still getting the mirror finish has been awesome.

Anthony was also extremely quick in responding to the many questions I had about choosing the right coat and was really helpful with the general questions I had about detailing.”

Joshua L.

“I have taken both of my cars to Bon Vivant over the last 2 years and will continue to use their services. Anthony is a professional, courteous and dedicated small business owner. In my experience on every occasion, whether it be a simple wash or week long job he takes time to ensure every query and request is met and produces quality results.”

Nick P.

“Passionate and knowledgable with amazing service. Can not recommend anyone else better!”


Daryl B.

“Anthony treated the car with kit gloves. Great job on the application of the Xpel PPF, making the M4 survive what will be a number of pleasurable drives. Thanks again Anthony for treating myself and the vehicle so professionally, resulting in an excellent outcome. Next car gets the paint protection as well. Cheers”

Raf C.

“Am very happy with the service and quality of work at Bon Vivant. My week-old ute looked better on the day I picked it up from Bon Vivant than when I picked it up from the dealer. (see the HSV Maloo gallery for pics of the great work and excellent attention to detail).”

Bryan A.

Stellar work. A true master of the trade. Keep doing what you do best.

Brondon D.

Very happy with the work done to my car. Very professional.

Allan L.

Very professional and top notch work!

Shawn F.