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Stay cool and comfortable with our selection of high quality, lifetime warranty car window tinting service. Not only does window tint serve the functional purpose of keeping your cabin space cooler and prevents sun damage to your interior, but it also aesthetically changes the look of your car. We have a variety of shades of film to choose from as well as performance traits; we will have the right tint film to suit your needs.

Our harsh Australian environment means that high UV and high heat will deteriorate cheap tint film leaving behind unsightly bubbles and discolouring them to a nasty shade of purple over a short period. In some circumstances, you’ll also see cheap window tint film crack and delaminate.

The range of window tint film we carry offers a lifetime replacement warranty against these common failures for your peace of mind, and our trained technicians with the right installation techniques will give you a precise fit every time.

Window tint film can range in several materials, shades and designed for different applications. Carbon, dyed, metalised and nano-ceramic are some of the few automotive types of films you can select from, each having their distinct characteristics and price points. Be sure to choose the right kind of tinting film with the help of our team at Bon Vivant as we’re focused on providing you with the details to need to know to make an informed decision. We ensure that your car window tinting selection will not interfere with your radio and GPS signals as our selection of films are recommended based on your needs, and also your vehicle make and model.

There are plenty of car tinting providers in Melbourne that operate as a mobile service or workshop based but don’t be fooled, not everyone can tint a car professionally, efficiently and most importantly effectively with long-lasting results!

Don’t rush in for the lowest cart tint price you receive without knowing more about the type of film you’re purchasing.

Tinted car windows on a BMW Melbourne
Car tinting Melbourne BMW
Windows tinted in ceramic darkest legal shade of film

The Benefits of Car Tinting

It’s becoming increasingly popular to tint car windows on new or used vehicles in recent years. Tinted windows on your vehicle aren’t just for aesthetics and looks; it also provides practical benefits to keep your vehicle running efficiently. From hundreds of accessories available on the market for your vehicle today, car window tint may be the most common and useful one.

Don’t compromise on the quality of the car tint install and film for your pride and joy, have your car tinted by the team at Bon Vivant. The lowest price option will typically never be of best value.

Rejects UV heat, infra-red heat and glare

Driving in direct sunlight can expose you to sunburns! Professionally done tinted windows can block a large percentage of harmful ultraviolet rays and protect your skin while driving.

Prevents shattering glass in an accident

Premium tint film can also protect your car windows from shattering in an accident. The film holds the glass together even after the window breaks, protecting you from glass cuts. 

Keeps cabin temperature cooler

In hot summer days, it reduces heat produced by sunlight. Glass tint may reduce heat in your vehicle drastically, which is something worth considering.

Prevents damage to your dashboard and trims

Direct sunlight can also degrade the dashboard, leather and trims inside your cabin, discolouring and fading it, and reducing the value of your vehicle’s interior.

Allows your vehicle to run more efficiently

By limiting temperature in your vehicle, your air conditioning may run more efficiently, allowing you car to cool much faster than in a non-tinted car.

Gives you better privacy against prying eyes into your cabin for valuables

Privacy of your vehicle is perhaps the most common reasons to tint a car. Tinted windows limit prying eyes from looking inside. 

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