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Bon Vivant Automotive Care exists to serve car enthusiasts and discerning individuals. We cater for all vehicle presentation needs such as premium detailing, paint protection coatings and paint protection films (PPF), window tinting, paintless dent repair and restoration project management.

Representing some of the most respected brands in the industry such as Opti-Coat, Modesta, PolishAngel and Gtechniq you are guaranteed with industry leading and trained professionals to visually enhance and protect your vehicle.

Specialising in precision paint correction services, we are one of the very few in Melbourne who are able to enhance the look of your vehicle with best practices and market leading tools and products. To prevent the premature ageing and damage to your vehicle, we offer top shelf brands accessible only to professionals for long term protection. Our high grade polyurethane films protect against stone chips, bug splatter stains and road debris which is perfect for the regular highway and track driven car. Our coating options will prevent and slow the rate of wear caused by external elements such as acidic rain, tar, sap, droppings and UV damage from tarnishing the finish of your paintwork.

Our purpose-fitted boutique workshop ensures an uncompromised approach with state of the art lighting, service hoist and dedicated equipment that enables us to deliver the highest quality results on every car that comes through our doors.

Whether you have a daily driven family mover or an exotic optioned with the finest composites and materials, sharing the passion for your vehicle means Bon Vivant is the perfect and only choice you need to consider for quality workmanship, service and results.


“I’ve recently had my car coated with Modesta by Anthony and it has really made the car shine. My previous car used to be black as well and I dare say that it has reduced my washing time by half. Not needing to wax it afterwards yet still getting the mirror finish has been awesome.

Anthony was also extremely quick in responding to the many questions I had about choosing the right coat and was really helpful with the general questions I had about detailing.”

Joshua L.

Did an amazing job on my S3, looked much nicer than when I took delivery of it from he dealership. To top it off, Anthony and the team are super friendly and knowledgeable – I’ll definitely be returning!

Dilanjan A.

These guys are the definition of top notch! You’ve found the best if you landed here!

Ken R.

“Want the benchmark in customer service? Care about a quality finish and attention to detail? Don’t want to trust your pride and joy to any old company? Solved, solved, solved. Anthony did an amazing job with my car and it was an absolute pleasure to collect it upon completion!

Between the constant contact and friendly conversations about product choice, expectations, and even price, Anthony delivered.

The small gestures aren’t skipped either! When was the last time you got chocolate, water and your receipt in a personal envelope?”

Matt W.

Picked up my car today after 1 week of owning (Red SSV series 2) and she looked better than new. When i first got the car from the dealer you could see all the swirl marks and now not a mark anywhere. Still absolutely stoked about the end result and the workmanship/hours that go into getting cars looking this good.
Highly recommended these guys and wouldnt hesistate going back.
Also customer service was A++ always replied to messages and were prompt, reliable and knew what they were doing.
Thanks again


Tim R.

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