Classic Car Detailing

Your car is your pride and joy. So it makes perfect sense to want the best for it. If you're the proud owner of a classic car, Bon Vivant is the obvious choice for detailing and care. With years of experience behind us, our passionate team have car detailing down to a fine art. Boasting impressive attention to detail, we can polish, clean and restore your classic car to its former glory and ensure it stays that way. With several packages to choose between, you're free to choose the services you need. Of course, every vehicle is different. We tailor all our services to meet your needs, ensuring your classic car gets the care it requires. View our classic car detailing packages below and contact us today to book.

Classic Car Detailing Packages

We offer four main packages for car detailing, each more comprehensive than the next. Services range from surface cleaning and detailing, to our complete, bespoke detailing package, which features complete restoration and Auto Concierge service. All our packages feature basic deep detailing, which covers hand washing, wheel wash and tire dressing, cleaning of door jambs and wheel arches, sealant protection, plastic trims dressed, glass cleaned and more.

classic car cdetailing services

Refresh Package

Our basic Refresh Package covers each and every part of your vehicle's surface. It's ideal for clients who require a thorough clean and protection for their vehicle. It includes thorough washing, sealant protection, interior clean, glass cleaning and more.

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Enhance Package

For those looking for more than a clean, our Enhance Package does exactly that. While designed for newer vehicles and light coloured paint, it is excellent for removing fine blemishes in paintwork and enhancing gloss and reflections.

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Premier Package

The Premier Package is our most popular option, offering deep cleaning and scratch and blemish removal perfect for older vehicles. As well as deep cleaning, it features a two-stage machine polish that enhances gloss, deepens colours, and leaves your car with a glass-like smooth finish.

best classic car detailing services

Bespoke & Concours

Our complete Bespoke & Concours custom package includes all our other classic car detailing services as well as tailored services for an incredibly high-level finish. We devote ourselves to your vehicle over the course of a week to detail, replace and restore parts, and assess and protect paintwork.

High-End Classic Car Detailing

With a passion for cars and detailing, it shouldn't come as a surprise why so many of our clients choose us time and time again. With the latest in detailing technology, we can deliver exceptional results you won't find elsewhere. Our workshop is fitted with state of the art lighting and hoist system, allowing us to reach and deep clean even the hardest to reach locations. Additionally, with full insurance and a secured premises, we can ensure the safety of your car for the duration of your time with us. If you have any questions about our services discuss your needs with our team today. Alternatively, call us now and book in for classic car detailing today.

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