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Our success is achieved by producing impeccable protective ceramic coating services in Melbourne where our clients continue to return and refer others to us to take care of all of their car paint protection needs. When our customers are happy, we are delighted! Discuss your needs with our team and let us equip your car with the best paint protection.

What are Ceramic Paint Protection And Detailing For All Vehicles with Bon Vivant

Our professionals have experience working with a wide variety of cars but specialise in working with cars that require specialist care. Our services are available for all vehicles and are guaranteed to make your car feel better than brand new, regardless of its age. As a boutique workshop, each part of our service is tailored and tuned to achieve the best possible results for each vehicle, according to your needs and budget. If you won’t settle for anything less than the best car care, Bon Vivant is for you. We guarantee we’ll do a fantastic job and deliver long lasting results. 

Car paint protection coatings Melbourne
Car paint protection coatings Melbourne
Car paint protection coatings Melbourne
Car Paint Protection Gtechniq

Leaders In Ceramic Coating Car Protection

When it comes to protecting your car from the elements, the only way to be sure is with ceramic coatings for cars. Ceramic car coating is the height of protection for your paint surface, boasting protection far greater than your car’s factory clear coat. It’s a revolutionary process that encases your car’s paintwork to protect it at a molecular level. Our specialists coat your car in a specially designed liquid polymer sealant, uniformly covering your car’s exterior to protect it from dirt, sunlight, oxidation, acid rain, air pollution, and more.

A single protective coating can protect your vehicle for years, maintaining condition and value, and making your vehicle easier to clean. Its nanoparticle, superhydrophobic surface stops liquids from clinging to your car, significantly reducing the change of damage. It also makes cleaning incredibly easy, eliminating the need for hard scrubbing when cleaned regularly. If an incredibly well-maintained car has caught your eye on the street, chances are it’s protected with a ceramic coatings.
As specialists, we’re passionate about cars. All ceramic paint protection products we use, including Gtechniq Crystal ceramic coating for cars, are handpicked for the quality of results we are able to achieve with them. Discuss your needs with us today or talk to our team about our ceramic coating paint protection services and window tinting for more information.

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Car paint protection coatings Melbourne Victoria

Car Ceramic Coating Service Breakdown:

To deliver complete protection for your paint, we also offer expert paint correction service, ensuring we can polish out scratches and swirls on your vehicle prior to application of our ceramic car paint protection coating. We can even restore the paint on many vehicles as much as possible, reducing the need for repainting. Our services are ideal for protecting your new car, creating a barrier to preserve the pristine condition of your vehicle. Protect your new car’s paint from stone chips, bird droppings, tree sap, and more. Protect your brand new car with ceramic coating Melbourne from the experts at Bon Vivant.


Pre-wash to loosen dirt and break down existing waxes


Thorough hand wash and door jambs cleaning


Wheels cleaning


Body coating and curing with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra


Chemical decontamination and mild clay bar treatment


Single-stage machine polish (paint pore cleansing and minor swirl removal)


Tyres glossing

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light

Car paint protection coatings Melbourne Tesla
Car paint protection coatings Melbourne Victoria

Perfect for those who keep their vehicles for the midterm, Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light is the prosumer grade ceramic car coating that enhances paintwork swirl and stain resistance while maintaining an incredibly glossy finish. The 9h hardness rating of Crystal Serum Light still performs incredibly well, minimising the risk of damage from contamination and improves dirt repulsion.
Have peace of mind that the high chemical resistance between pH2 to pH12 means that it can withstand strong wash chemicals without breaking down that crucial layer of protection against Australia’s vast weather ranges.

As an Accredited Detailer, our application of Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light carries a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Trust Bon Vivant Automotive Care as your professional auto detailer when it comes to installing Gtechniq protection coatings in Melbourne. Our dedicated workshop environment with specialist tools and lighting ensures your car ceramic coating service delivered at the highest standards possible.


Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra Ceramic Coating

Protect your vehicle’s paintwork from stains and etching by environmental fallout with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra composite ceramic coating for cars. The evolution of ceramic car coatings technology now delivers ultimate performance with Gtechniq’s unique formulation by introducing a new and revolutionary 7nm nanoparticle alongside an existing 20nm nanoparticle. As a result, this nano ceramic coating structure creates a stronger barrier against the elements as well as improving swirl resistance by cross-linking a hard 10h top layer with more energy absorbing 7h soft layer.

Crystal Serum Ultra can withstand extreme temperature ranges from -40 degrees Celsius to +250 degrees Celsius to ensure that no matter where you are, the ceramic coating performance is un-compromised from climate variations. Above all, the extreme chemical resistance range of ph2 to pH13 will withstand the strongest of car washes and heavy-duty cleaners without compromising the ceramic coating’s performance.

Maintaining that beautiful finish has never been easier as Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra prevents fallout such as bird droppings, tar, sap, pollen spores and dirt from bonding to your car’s paint. Feel your wash mitt glide over and remove debris with ease negating the need to scrub which can cause swirl marks and deeper scratches.

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra is a super-hydrophobic, high contact angle composite ceramic car coating making rinsing and contact with water, in general, promote a self-cleaning effect as traffic film rolls off along with the tight and round water beads. With our ceramic for the new car paint protection services, your vehicle will keep cleaner for longer in between washes, even in Melbourne’s dusty environment.

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra is truly a professional grade ceramic car coating that will enhance and sustain gloss over extended amounts of time as it fights off UV sun damage in Australia’s harsh desert-like environment yet frosty in the winter season.


Window Tinting

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Custom Car Covers

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does car paint coating cost?

Car paint protection can cost anywhere between few hundred to thousands, depending on the kind of paint protection you get and the coverage. We offer a range of different paint protection options, from standard wax to ceramic paint protection and film paint protection. Each offers varying levels of protection for different lengths of time.

How to remove car protection film from car?

If you want to remove the paint protection film from your car, it’s pretty easy, all you need is a hair dryer and some patience. While removing the film, take care not to apply any heat directly onto your car paint or use excessive force—if the film comes off in one piece it is working correctly. Our team can remove old car protection film cleanly and easily for you when you come in to have it replaced.

What is the best car paint protection?

The best car protection is arguably ceramic paint protection. The ion-bonded polymers are clear coat, ceramic-like surface coating that protects your car from scratches and rocks while keeping the original look of your vehicle intact. Of course, different vehicles may call for different ceramic paint protection options, so we always recommend consulting with a professional to ensure that your car receives the best treatment possible.

Do you sell paint protection products?

While we don’t sell paint protection products, we exclusively use products of the highest quality to deliver incredible results for your car’s paint job. For more information on ceramic coating products and the products we use, discuss your needs with our team today. 

What is the best ceramic paint protection for a new car?

The best paint protection you can get for your new car is ceramic film, as it delivers high quality protection that will ensure the new paintwork of your car is preserved underneath for as long as possible.

Of course, any new car paint protection is better than no paint protection, as it will allow you to prevent things like stone chips before they happen. If you’ve just bought a new car, we recommend consulting with an expert as they may be able to recommend a suitable product. Each new car is different and there may be a different solution that will work better for your new car.

As certified ceramic coating applicators, our team can provide you with the solution that’s right for your car. Our ceramic coating process is comprehensive, providing you with a ceramic coat that is long-lasting and durable. View our ceramic coating packages online and get professional ceramic coating for your car.




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