Chip Protection & Stone Chip Repairs Melbourne

No matter what car you're driving, stone chip protection is an excellent way to protect your paintwork. Proper care and stone protection will protect your car from the wear and tear of daily driving and maintain the value of your vehicle throughout its life. Bon Vivant offers comprehensive stone chip protection services, repairing existing chips and ensuring you're protected in the future. Our tailored services ensure a custom fit and the best possible results. Contact us today for a quote and allow Bon Vivant to take care of all your paint protection needs.

Accredited STEK Paint Protection Installer

As an approved installer for STEK paint protection film, we are trained to deliver incredible result using their products. STEK stone ship protection is amongst the best in the industry, offering durable and long-lasting protection against the effects of daily driving. With self-healing properties and a nano-glass topcoat, it's the perfect solution for complete paint and chip protection. We custom fit all our paint protection films to match your vehicle, achieving a finely tailored fit for maximum protection. Talk to our team today for more information on STEK products.

Stone Chip Repairs Melbourne

As well as chip protection, we offer comprehensive stone chip repair services. Our team can assess your vehicle, identifying scratches, blemishes and other surface issues, and then apply the appropriate repairs to restore your paintwork to its former glory. With advanced tools and processes, we can achieve incredible results, restoring all but the hardest to fix scratches and chips. Every vehicle is different, and depending on the make, the kind of paint used, and the severity of the damage, different tools, products and repair techniques will have different effects. It's why we tailor all our services, allowing us to achieve the best possible results.

Our Stone Chip Protection Process

To protect your vehicle from stone chips, we've designed a complete process for the preparation and application of paint protection.

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Full Cleaning

We thoroughly clean the outside of your vehicle, removing any dirt, dust, residue, swirls and other blemishes that could compromise the effects of the chip protection.

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Stone Chip Repairs

We repair any existing chip damage, scratches and more, restoring your paintwork to ensure it looks perfect before protection. Using specialised tools our team can achieve incredible results, repairing all but the deepest of scratches.

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Stone Chip Protection Application

We apply the stone chip protection film, cutting it to shape and fitting it cleanly to your vehicle. By taking the additional time to tailor the film to your vehicle, we can achieve far better, longer-lasting results. In fact, after application you won't even be able to tell it's installed.

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Final Touches and Checks

Once the film is installed we clean up any blemishes to finalise the film application. From here your vehicle is ready to go. However, we can also apply ceramic paint protection to take your paint protection to the next level.

Why Get Stone Chip Protection?

Stone chip protection is about more than simply repairing chips in paint. With the right protection, film or ceramic coating, you can protect your vehicle from environmental factors such as acidic rain, bug splatters, sap, droppings, UV damage and more. It's an excellent way to increase the lifespan of your vehicle's paintwork and maintain its value and can save you thousands in the future on paint repairs and cleaning. If you're considering paint repair, talk to our team today and we can give you a more detailed view of what chip protection film can do for your vehicle.

Professional Paint Protection and Stone Chip Repairs Melbourne

For years, Bon Vivant Auto Care has provided car enthusiasts throughout Melbourne with cutting edge paint protection services. Our team of experienced car detailers are passionate about the work they do, giving their all to ensuring you get the best possible service for your car. We're equipped with industry-leading tools and have refined our techniques to achieve unparalleled results. If you need chip protection for a new car, an older vehicle, a classic car or any other vehicle, our team can tailor our services to meet your needs. Discuss your stone chip repairs and protection requirements with an expert today for a quote.

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