Clear Bra Car Protection Film

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A clear car bra, or invisible paint protection film, is a clear film designed to protect your vehicles most vulnerable areas against stone chips, sticks and anything else your car could kick up as you’re driving. It’s barely noticeable, effectively increasing the durability of your paint without affecting the way it looks. If you’re passionate about your car, clear bra car paint protection film will ensure your paintwork looks incredible for years to come. Discuss your car detailing service in Melbourne with us today for a quote.

Car Paint Protection Experts

Bon Vivant offers a range of options for clear bra paint protection. Our services are bespoke, tailored to match your vehicle and offer the best possible paint protection. Using a range of specialised tools and cutting edge techniques we can finely tune your paint protection to fit your car exactly, leaving no room for peeling or blemishes beneath the film. Each clear bra film is custom cut to fit, and apply painstakingly by hand. As car enthusiast ourselves, we know what goes into protecting your car from the elements. You can rely on us to deliver incredible results, regardless of the complexity or size of the job. For more information on our services, talk to our team today.

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What Does Clear Bra Car Paint Protection Prevent?

High quality clear bra film can protect against a wide range of issues when you’re driving, including stone chips, branches, droppings, bugs and more. With a full car application, your vehicle is protected against UV damage, acidic rain, general wear and tear, discolouration and more. It’s the kind of paint protection that’s used by NASCAR race cars on the track, and can protect everything from new cars and sports cars to daily drivers and even older classic cars. If you’re passionate about car care, clear bra protection film will stand you in good stead throughout your car’s lifespan.

Reasons to Get Clear Bra Film Protection


Protection against chips, scrapes and other hazards

Prevents paint discolouration and fading

Makes cleaning easy

Self healing technology


Clear and clean

Tailored to fit your vehicle

Scratch and stain resistant

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Our Preparation and Installation Process

When it comes to paint protection, no two cars are the same. While we always strive for the same end result, complete protection, getting there can be a challenge. Depending on the make and model of your car, the kind of paint used, and a range of other factors, the end result can be very different. We tailor all our services to match the unique aspects of your car and ensure a perfect end result. This means preparing your vehicle for application, measuring and installing the clear bra film with specialised tools, and following up with a comprehensive inspection to ensure we’ve achieved the results we’re looking for. With our team of experts, you can expect nothing but the best.

Get Paint Protection Today

With a team of industry-leading professionals, a passion for car care and detailing, and a commitment to customer service, we’re prepared to provide you with incredible paint protection. Our studio is fitted with the latest in-car care products and tools to ensure we’re able to see your vision to its fulfilment. For your peace of mind, our premises are fully secured and insured, ensuring the protection of your car. If you’re unsure, clear bra car paint protection or window tinting service is proper for you. Talk to our team today, and we can answer any questions you have. Discuss your needs with an expert today for a quote.




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