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What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

Car paint protection film Melbourne
Car paint protection film Melbourne
Paint protection film services Melbourne

Paint Protection Film was first developed and used by the military as a means of protecting helicopter blades against sandblasting damage due to harsh desert conditions. Over the years this product has evolved to industrial applications and now popularised by the automotive industry as the most effective means against stone chips and bug splatter damage.

The evolution of car paint protection techniques has seen the urethane film morph to clearer, glossier, thinner and stronger than it’s ever been and is your best guard against stone chips from regular commutes to intensive track days.

 Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an optically clear film digitally cut to custom fit your car and then professionally applied to protect your painted surface from daily hazards such as stone chips, tree branches and sharp objects. It works in complete synergy with the professional car coatings and products we carry for the ultimate line of defence against environmental fallout for your vehicle.

With our expertise in high precision, professional car paint protection services in Melbourne, coupled together with leading software and cutting tools, our installation process is more extensive than just a stand-alone auto protection film install.

We ensure that prior applying the film onto vehicle parts, we wash the area thoroughly, decontaminate and polish it to a high degree so that it will be looking its best before being wrapped for the many years to come.

There are very few car paint protection film installers in Melbourne that offer this pedigree in one workshop, and then be able to beautify and further protect that film with industry-leading coatings for even higher gloss levels and clarity. 


Benefits of Car Paint Protection

Your car is not only a means of transport, but it also represents your personality and your image. A clean and polished vehicle is something that makes you proud, gives you enjoyment and self-confidence of being the owner. Let us help you enjoy your pride and joy to the fullest by asking us how our paint protection film service can benefit your car today.

To create a custom protection film for your vehicle, we use proprietary software which allows us to download patterns of specific vehicle makes and models directly to a digital plotter for precision cutting of the film for your car. With the widest car protection film available at 1520mm, we can cover full bonnets and guards of most vehicles and have a selection of over 3,000 patterns within our library database.

Preserves your car new and sparkling
Keeps your car’s resale value
Makes car washing manageable
Provides scratch and element protection
Transparent protection for your car
Saves you money on any future repairs

STEK Paint Protection Film

We are an accredited STEK paint protection film installer carrying their full range of clear and fashion ranges. STEK is revolutionising the film industry as it adopts new manufacturing processes to produce the most advanced films with incredible optical clarity. The days of hard to install films that yellow prematurely are behind us as STEK brings to the market some of the highest performing paint protection films ever. With self-healing properties and hydrophobic water behaviour, STEK paint protection film ages with grace as it is easy to keep clean and surface scratches disappear before your eyes. 

DYNOshield is an industry-leading paint protection film that carries an international ten-year warranty against peeling, yellowing and cracking. The top-coated film with proprietary nano-glass top-coat enhances gloss while allowing the film to fully self-heal and keeping it easy to clean. No need for waxes of the compulsory requirement for aftermarket coatings, DYNOshield will stand the test of time as the premium car paint protection film.

DYNOmatt also carries the HYDROphobe® top-coat technology that self-heals yet comes in a matte finish, which allows protecting your factory matte or frozen finish paint without altering the aesthetics of your car or transforming your gloss finish paint to a classy satin. With a seven-year warranty, DYNOmatt is the perfect answer for preserving your paint with stealth-like looks. DYNOblack is truly a unique product which produces a deep gloss black. Perfect for accentuating those gloss black plastics to a paint-like finish yet self-heals, DYNOblack is our solution for roof blackout and black trim protection.

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